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AZ Compassion in Action is a non-profit outreach organization that assists those in urgent need of basic needs such as food, clothing, diapers, furniture, etc.


Our mission is to provide for the physical needs of our fellow Phoenicians through linking those with resources to those with needs.


Our organization was founded in 199X when a Phoenix Firefighter, Kim Perea, decided to make a difference for the people she encountered who had lost everything through fire. Since then, the organization has grown include dozens of volunteers, businesses and service groups.


Together we act as a conduit between those who can help and those in need. Volunteers collect food and clothing from associated retail outlets on a scheduled basis, and help distribute to individuals, families, senior citizens through the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Each week HUNDREDS of families receive some benefit from AZ Compassion in Action..


Our organization has been recognized by local news stations and even received the prestigious Hon Kachina Volunteer Award in 2010.

By-laws - Arizona Compassion in Action is a 501-C3 corporation. View our by-laws here (link). Our current board members are:


  • Kim Perea: President

  • Carl Landis: Vice President

  • Susanne Garland: Secretary/Treasurer

  • Kouami Afanou: Board Member

Please donate your time, money and resources. Those with resources to those with needs. Join us


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