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About Us

Arizona Compassion in Action emerged from the compassionate vision of Kim Perea, whose encounters with families devastated by fire moved her profoundly. Established in 1991, our organization has grown into a cornerstone of hope, supported by an enthusiastic network of volunteers, businesses, and community groups.


We are a dynamic force for good, channeling the community’s generosity into vital aid for those in need. Step forward with us into a world where your actions can ignite hope and foster transformations across Phoenix.


By-laws - Arizona Compassion in Action is a 501-C3 corporation. View our by-laws here (link). Our current board members are:


  • President: Kim Perea

  • Vice-President: Carl Landis

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant

  • Board Member: Kouami Afanou

Queue of vehicles lined up to receive foods provided by AZ Compassion In Action

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